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2022 Housing Market Forecast [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Cheryl Bower | December 17, 2021

Some Highlights What does the coming year hold for the housing market? Here’s what experts project for 2022. Mortgage rates are projected to rise and so are home prices. Experts are forecasting buyer demand will remain strong as people try to capitalize on rates and prices before they climb, creating another strong year for home…

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Homebuyers Are Going on a Shopping Spree This Winter

By Cheryl Bower | December 16, 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, which means some shoppers have wrapped up their holiday buying. But there’s still a group of buyers that are very active this holiday season – homebuyers. Experts anticipate the real estate market will see a flurry of activity this winter, and that’s great news for today’s sellers. If…

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What Everyone Wants To Know: Will Home Prices Decline in 2022?

By Cheryl Bower | December 15, 2021

If you’re thinking of buying a home in today’s housing market, you may be wondering how strong your investment will be. You might be asking yourself: if I buy a home now, will it lose value? Or will it continue to appreciate going forward? The good news is, according to the experts, home prices are…

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Advice for First-Generation Homebuyers

By Cheryl Bower | December 14, 2021

The sense of pride you’ll feel when you purchase a home can’t be overstated. For first-generation homebuyers, that feeling of accomplishment is even greater. That’s because the pride of homeownership for first-generation buyers extends far beyond the homebuyer. AJ Barkley, Head of Neighborhood and Community Lending for Bank of America, says: “Achieving this goal can…

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If You Think the Housing Market Will Slow This Winter, Think Again.

By Cheryl Bower | December 13, 2021

From the opportunity to take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates to changing homeowner needs, Americans have more motivation than ever to buy a home. According to the experts, buyers are making moves right now, creating an unseasonably strong housing market for this time of year. As we wrap up the fall season and move…

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A Happy Tail: Pets and the Homebuying Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Cheryl Bower | December 10, 2021

Some Highlights It’s no secret that we love our furry friends – about 70% of U.S. households have pets. What may come as a surprise is how large a role they play in the homebuying process. Americans spend $1,163 a year on their pets, and nearly half of pet owners say they would move for…

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Two Reasons Why Waiting To Buy a Home Will Cost You

By Cheryl Bower | December 9, 2021

If you’re a homeowner who’s decided your current house no longer fits your needs, or a renter with a strong desire to become a homeowner, you may be hoping that waiting until next year could mean better market conditions to purchase a home. To determine whether you should buy now or wait another year, you…

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Struggling To Find a Home To Buy? New Construction May Be an Option.

By Cheryl Bower | December 8, 2021

There’s no question that the financial benefits of selling a house are outstanding today. Now is truly a great time to list if you’re ready to make a change. But if you do sell your house right now, you may be wondering where you’ll go when you move. With so few homes available to buy…

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Why It Just Became Much Easier To Buy a Home

By Cheryl Bower | December 7, 2021

Since the pandemic began, Americans have reevaluated the meaning of the word home. That’s led some renters to realize the many benefits of homeownership, including the feelings of security and stability and the financial benefits that come with rising home equity. At the same time, many current homeowners have decided their house no longer meets…

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Win When You Sell (And When You Move)

By Cheryl Bower | December 6, 2021

If you’re trying to decide when to sell your house, there may not be a better time than this winter. Selling this season means you can take advantage of today’s strong sellers’ market when you make a move. Win When You Sell Right now, conditions are very favorable for current homeowners looking for a change.…

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