Seller Disclosure Red Flags to Be Wary of

A white, multi-story house with extensive roof damage.

When buying a home, there’s a lot of paperwork involved. Hence, understanding what the documents are for and why they are crucial will help you steer your way through the home-buying procedure. The seller’s disclosure is one of the documents that you need to understand to avoid purchasing a house with potential problems. It is…

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8 Red Flags to Look for in Seller Disclosures

A home inspector holding a notepad with seller disclosures is looking over her shoulder at a property for sale.

It’s easy to fall in love at first sight when looking for your dream home. But if you fail to thoroughly look over the seller’s disclosure statement, you might end up paying for expensive repairs and having to solve many types of problems affecting your property. Here are eight common “red flags” to look for…

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Is An FHA Mortgage Better Than A Conforming One?

The FHA is insuring a greater percentage of loans than during any time in recent history. In 2006, it insured roughly 5 percent of the purchase mortgage market. Today, it insures one-quarter. “Going FHA” is more common than ever before — but is it better?

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What To Know Before You Move To A New Neighborhood

In this 5-minute piece from NBC’s The Today Show, you’ll learn a dozen complementary home-shopping techniques to help you review and evaluate a home for purchase. Each is focused on findings you won’t see listed on a website.

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The Difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification

For many new homebuyers, the terms pre-qualification and pre-approval seem interchangeable. But they are not — and the distinction is an important one.

When you get pre-qualified, I perform a quick check to determine generally how large a home loan you can afford. Essentially, when a buyer is pre-qualified, the lender is saying it would most […]

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