Is An FHA Mortgage Better Than A Conforming One?

The FHA is insuring a greater percentage of loans than during any time in recent history. In 2006, it insured roughly 5 percent of the purchase mortgage market. Today, it insures one-quarter. “Going FHA” is more common than ever before — but is it better?

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FHA Loans: Opening Your Doorway to Homeownership in the S.F. Bay Area

During the Great Depression, the federal government sought to create a stable platform for economic growth, and that platform was homeownership. Through bolstering the rate of homeownership, the feds felt citizens would be in a better position to give back to the economy.
With that in mind, in 1934, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) was established. […]

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WEEKLY HOT RATES for the week ending 11/9/2010 as provided by Guarantee Mortgage

WEEKLY HOT RATES for the week ending 11/9/2010 as provided by Guarantee Mortgage Wow!  How low will rates go this year? This will certainly help buyers get into our pricey S.F. real estate market. 30 Yr Fixed Conforming to $417K     4.000% “1.000” POINTS     APR = 4.128% 30 Yr Fixed Jumbo to $729,750.          4.250% “1.000” POINTS     …

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Time To Refinance? Mortgage Rates Down 1.00 Percent Since April

The rate-and-fee combination you’d get in your home state is different from the rate-and-fee combination you’d get if you lived somewhere else. In the West, rates are low and fees are high; in the Southeast, it’s the opposite.

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Nervous About Mortgage Rates Rising? Lock Thursday — Ahead Of Friday’s Jobs Report

Analysts expect that a net 65,000 jobs were lost in July. Wall Street — and Main Street — have a big interest in those results.

Friday’s July Jobs Report Could Spur Mortgage Rates Higher

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