About San Mateo

The City of San Mateo, namesake of its county, is located between Burlingame and Belmont, and is the largest city in the county. In the heart of Silicon Valley, it is about 30 minutes from San Jose and 25 minutes from San Francisco (depending on traffic, of course), and offers a bit more affordability than its more populous urban neighbors.

The flourishing downtown area, between Tilton and Ninth Avenue, is a historic gathering of retail and dining options, while the Hillsdale Mall is a major shopping center with upscale retailers and a variety of boutiques, both local and international.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, San Mateo was an influential area for Japanese-Americans, and is still home to many restaurants and shops from that era. It is also well known for the acclaimed Coyote Point Museum and its large Central Park. The iconic Bay Meadows horserace track closed in 2008, and is currently the location of a large mixed-use development plan scheduled for completion in 2017.

Ever-growing without shedding its historic flavor, San Mateo has much to offer as a place to call home.