5 Signs of Quality Installations That Clients Notice – Pt 2

In part 2 of our quality installations series, we pick up where we left off: Paint and Polish. To get the most out of this series, check out part one. The full content list is as follows:

  1. Precision in Quality Installations
  2. Professionally Complete Installations
  3. Paint and Polish
  4. Finer Details
  5. Oversight

Paint and Polish

Clean Lines

After the initial impact of the color palette, the first thing a trained client’s eye will notice is the quality of the paint. Are the lines straight? Does the wall paint extend cleanly behind the baseboards? Are there paint drips on the outlet covers? When it comes to painting, there are many signs that show the difference between a pro and an amateur.

Perfect Finish Textures

The final touch of an expert painter is an understanding of finish textures. The difference between matte and glossy, stucco or textured. Truly beautiful building designs include textural elements in the paint and polish that add a unique dynamic to the architecture itself. It is a detail for both the eyes and hands to enjoy, and clients will notice this unusual depth of experiential design.

The Finer Details of Quality Installations

In the construction industry, there is often a default or fallback quality level for each necessary architectural element. The finer details of a home or commercial building are in the fixtures, and true quality shines through in your choice of fixtures. Architectural finishes, hardware, plumbing, and lighting all play a role in shaping a client’s impression of your work.

If there is fine detail everywhere they turn instead of default-quality fixtures, that will place your constructions a head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Staircases and Balusters

Wherever there is a staircase, there is an opportunity to impress with quality installations. The eye loves to follow a staircase up to its hidden (or balcony-exposed) reaches. The lines of a staircase can be made finer with shapely balusters and a high-quality railing. A railing that is both beautiful to look at and comfortable in the hands is something that clients can’t help but notice.

Light Fixtures & Light Quality

As the eye is drawn upward by architectural lines, the light fixtures become apparent. There are many utilitarian and default light fixtures to choose from. But great designers know how to choose fixtures that delight the eye and enhance the entire room.

Not only are light fixtures essential, but also the quality of light they produce. Bright but non-piercing light is created with frosted covers and prism reflection, or dispersed light through many smaller fixtures. Your design will shape not just the ceiling art, but the functionality of the room as well.

Ceiling and Window Molding

Along with the light fixtures are the moldings that clients will notice as they look up. Ceiling moldings and medallions are a wonderful way to enhance the style of a room without out-shining the resident’s own furniture and activities. These details hide seams and fixture wiring while also adding class to any room design.

Door Hardware

Door hinges, handles, latches, and strike plates subtly shape the experience of an entire home. The handle is the visual centerpiece of a door and also shapes the ease with which each door is opened and used. Your choice of door hardware, paired with your skill at installation, will become apparent as your clients move through the home.

Quality Installations of Plumbing Fixtures

It is a long-known secret of the real estate industry that plumbing defines the luxury of a building. Walk-in showers and jetted soaking tubs are only the beginning. Handheld and rainfall showerheads are all the rage. In the kitchen, pot-filler faucets, sprayers, and island sinks are in vogue. In the bathroom, waterfall sinks and bath faucets lit with LED lights are the height of high-tech home fashion.


The final sign of quality installation in a new construction or upgrade is the kind of oversight that expert builders acquire. It’s an ability to shape all the elements of the project to create an overall impression or experience. These are the details that only really come together at the end and pull the entire construction together. Even if the upgrades were only a few layers of paint and new architectural finishes.

Exterior Symmetry

Symmetry is something that is easy to understand but surprisingly challenging to implement effectively. The two halves of a home or commercial building are rarely used in exactly the same way on the inside. But outside, a symmetrical design is essential for professional beauty. The trick is to create symmetry while providing for functional differences. A true sign of talent is to create a sense of design symmetry indoors without limiting the use of each room.

Floorplan Flow

Modern interior designs are all about open flow between rooms, even when there are separate, defined spaces. Today, the challenge of home designers is to either create the perfect new floorplan or to remodel an old, closed-off floorplan into a new open flow. With an open floorplan, the flow of a home is defined by smaller details like columns and half-walls to shape the function of the open space.

But it takes a practiced eye and experienced architectural designer to create an indoor space that flows smoothly from one functional area to the next. When clients walk into a building that seems to stylistically guide them through the home tour, they take note.

Cohesive Design

The final gift of oversight is a truly cohesive design. Examples include colors that complement and direct each other as one moves from room to room, paired with architectural finishes that guide the eye and somehow enhance the furniture brought in by residents. You want all the little details of your design to gel into a cohesive resident or guest experience. Your clients are sure to notice the completion and expert quality of your work when this impact is made.

With our team, we have everything you need to take your design from vision to expert quality installations. Whether you’re a homeowner or flipper ready to sell, a real estate agent suggesting improvements, or just looking to improve your home to the highest possible quality, these signs of professional work will add a real sense of completion and beauty to any home.  Contact us today for more real estate and construction insights.

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