Zephyr Real Estate's Fall Market Update for San Francisco, CA

  Zephyr Real Estate’s Fall Market Update for San Francisco, CA   Over the last twelve months the median sale price of residential properties in San Francisco has risen by 19 percent (not a news flash), and that could be seen as an indicator of even greater increases. Except that over the same period the…

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At Long Last!! Sick of the Yellow Pages? Now you can opt out!

I think it’s been a good 10 years since I’ve last opened a Yellow Pages book.  Such a waste of resources for most people who are online.  Now there’s an easy way to opt out along with adjusting other mail preferences.  Be patient with the yellow pages site, it keeps going down because of excessive…

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Eight Quick Tips for Living Green

Today, living green isn’t just a lifestyle choice; it makes solid financial sense. As home energy costs increase, homeowners are seeking simple and smart ways to save energy and consequently save money, too. Trying to create a more environmentally sound household doesn’t have to start with taking out a massive loan in order to […]

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