San Francisco Real Estate Market Update

Market Insights | Recent Sales | Local News Is the Market Correcting? While we may not have a crystal ball, the past can sometimes offer insight into the future. This is not the first time that we have seen little to no appreciation in San Francisco real estate over a 12 month period. Between 2016-2017, we saw a similar…

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Market Update for San Francisco & San Mateo County

Real Estate Market Update

It can be misleading from media reports to tell what is happening in the S.F. Bay Area real estate market especially since attention grabbing headlines sell the news. That being said, we are seeing some subtle shifts in the market such as price adjustments  & certain price points ($2,000,000+) lingering on the market.  This is…

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Meet the Agent: Cheryl Bower

Congratulations to Cheryl Bower! She is celebrating her 8th year anniversary with Zephyr Real Estate in October and is based at our West Portal office. If a client has a question about San Francisco, Cheryl will have the answer. As a 3rd generation San Franciscan, her city roots run deep. She applies her historical knowledge…

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